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The Red Branch Thug Cadre!

Name: Uncle Bob
Occupation: coal miner
Favourite colour: polychroma
Favourite team: America, FUCK YEAH!
Position: Ref 
Random fact: At Karaoke Night, Uncle Bob is known as 'Psycho Bob'

Occupation: scuba diving instructor and nursing student extraordinaire
Favourite teams: Celtics (basketball), Red Wings, Notre Dame, U of MI Wolverines
Position: Team Nurse, HB
Favourite colour: blue! no, yel - ahhhh!
Random Facts: collects autographed lithographs of Christopher Walken and believes in faeries.

Favourite colour: Godless commie Red
Occupation: Druid
Favourite teams: Mets, Celtic FC, Wizards, Nemo Rangers FC, Cork.
Random fact: once drank John Belushi under the table.
Position: GK/FB

Name: TJ
Occupation: Royal Food Taster
Favourite colour: Green, Blue and RED N BLACK
Favourite teams: NY Mets, Cork, Nemo Rangers, Sparta Praha, Celtic, KC Wiz
Random fact: Smells like peanut butter and beer.
Position: RFF

Name: Séamus
Occupation: nuclear physicist
Favourite colour: Slack
Favourite team: Subgenuis
Random fact: elbow is considered a dangerous weapon and he cannot take his elbow on airline flights.
Team Position: RFB 
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Name: Kevin

Favourite colour: blue suede

Occupation: Grocery Manager

Favourite team: Dolphins: see arm

Random fact: Isn’t from this planet.

Position: LHB


Favourite colour: clear
Favourite Team: Justice League
Occupation: Drummer
Random fact: He's the tough guy with the heart of gold.
Position: GK


Fág an bealach!