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Who are the brave men and women of the Red Branch?

Some crazy kids in Kansas City. . .

Were initially interested in playing hurling, but that sport involves lots of blood loss. 
I rounded up some kids to come play with me.  Once the wee monkeys were scampering around the field we realized this was an amazing game.  It reminded me of basketball and soccer and was pretty addictive!
We come from all backgrounds and ages, most of us are Irish-Americans (the ultimate insult, LOL) but a few Irish born have passed through our ranks as well as a few Latinos, African-Americans, etc.  Everyone is welcome to join us, we want to introduce football to all communities. 

Our History

The Red Branch club has been kicking the ball around informally for a few seasons now. This will make our second official season.   Needless to say we are pretty excited about travelling and playing competitive football!
This last April the club travelled to Chicago's Gaelic Park to be trained by coaches from Ireland.  The club now boasts three Level One GAA coaches! This April we'll be attending again, and coming back with three Level Two coaches and one trained Ref.
So if you get involved in the Red Branch you will be properly trained and directed!  We know what we're doing, or so we have convinced ourselves!

About Kansas City
Kansas City was for a long time the western most point of the United States. What is now the neighbourhood of Westport, in midtown KC, was once the most far flung trading post on American soil.
Kansas City has several sister cities, including Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan and Seville, Spain, which KC was modelled after -- especially the renowed Plaza district of KC.